5 Things Every Immigrant in Canada Needs to Do This Spring/Summer

Welcome to Canada! Whether you’ve just made it through your first winter, or you’ve just stepped off the plane, when it comes to spring/summer in Canada it’s time to celebrate.

Learning the Canadian national anthem, O’ Canada, will certainly help you feel a part of the Canadian community and patriotic to your new home – but after that, what else can you do to feel at home here?

These are our top 5 fun things to do your first spring/summer in Canada, with a few helpful tips on settling in.

A Canadian Essential

Celebrate your new permanent resident Canada status with a bite to eat. As the sun has finally come out, why not sit outside at a restaurant to enjoy Canadian classic dishes? Poutine (fries with cheese curd and gravy toppings), bannock (Innuit fried bread) and Montreal bagels are all great to start with.

Tip: Canadians are all about politeness and manners, so remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when ordering. Canadian culture may be more private than you’re used to – even if you’re celebrating, remember to be respectful of other diners by keeping the noise at a reasonable level.

Something the Kids Will Love

We asked around the office at Remitbee to find out what our team enjoyed doing when they arrived in Canada. It turns out there are so many places in Toronto alone that we recommend the Hop-Off-Hop-On tour bus so you can visit many museums and iconic landmarks easily with kids. Understanding more about the history of Canada – and getting to know the geography of your new city – can help you feel at home.

Tip: Connect to public WiFi as often as possible! Phone bills are very costly in Canada, so save your data and connect to free WiFi when you’re travelling.

For the Whole Family

When many people think of Canada, they envisage a crystal-clear lake, pine trees and all manner of beautiful sceneries. Now that we’re into the Spring/Summer months, taking a trip to a national park or adventure centre is a great way to get acclimatised to Canada’s changing seasons and bond with your kids! Moving to Canada is stressful, so this could be the family activities break you need.

Tip: Although health care is free in Canada, there can be a delay for the first few months after you immigrate which can cause problems at the hospital if there is an accident. That’s why we recommend you take a short travel or health insurance policy if you’re heading off on an adventure!

A Treat for Yourself

Shopping in Canada is a good way to do some people-watching. Observing Canadian culture will help you interact better with neighbours, new friends and colleagues. And you can pick up something you need for your new home! In Canada, and most of the Western world, replacing a broken appliance is usually cheaper and easier than repairing it.

Tip: When shopping, the price of the tag is not always the final price – sales taxes will be added. Furthermore, tipping for taxi rides, in restaurants and salons is expected too. It can take a while to get used to working out the total cost!

Your Partner Will Love This…

We know this one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world… and it will be swamped with more tourists than Canadians… but The Niagara Falls should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s also quite romantic! It’s a good way to reconnect with your partner and enjoy the country you’ve worked so hard to get to.

Tip: If you’re planning long trips and want to see the wonders of Canada like the Niagara Falls, make sure you’ve got written confirmation of your driving abilities so you can get a Canadian driving license. If not, you might need to retake your driving test.

How Can I Afford This?

These fun things to do in Canada are great… but most will cost you at least the fuel to get there and back. To help you afford these new experiences, we offer FREE money transfers to India and other countries via the Remitbee My Wallet payment option. Find out more here.

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