5 Ways to Use Technology Without Overusing It!

It’s pretty amazing how quickly having access to WiFi and technology at our fingertips changes our lives! As immigrants in Canada now living in Toronto, we love connecting with our families back home and using our tech to video call them.

But have you ever noticed how overusing your tech can have the opposite effect? Whether it’s impacting your mental health or just getting in the way of your professional and personal goals, overusing your iPhone or spending too much time on your laptop can be a hindrance.

And Christmas is coming up! This is the time of year you should be spending with friends and family, enjoying the first snow of the season. So, here are our 5 best ways to use tech efficiently… but keep it to a minimum.

1 – Create an “Out of Office” Message

Whether you speak to colleagues on your phone of have a work email address filling up with memos, creating an “out of office” message is a great idea. If anyone from your work circle tries to contact you when you’re on holiday or just spending time with your family, they will instantly receive a message explaining you’re away from the office. No more temptation to just reply to a quick email or two and suddenly find 2 hours have passed while you help out for a while.

2 – Use Interactive Technology, Not Isolating Technology

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You want to spend time with your kids… but all they want to do is watch YouTube videos and text their friends. That’s normal. But how to get them engaged? Technology doesn’t have to be about work or social media. Video games and computer games could be a way to connect your family through technology and erase that distant feeling you used to have in your home. Get competitive!

3 – Remit Using Remitbee

What if you could send off all your Christmas presents to distant relatives in just a few taps? Remitbee Online Money Transfer Service is all about saving you time and sending money easily and securely. If you are always short on time or need a few minutes extra in the office to reach your professional goals, this technology solution can help.

You can remit money for free on the first transfer. Also, the remit is free over $500 transfer!

4 – Set Screen Time Limits

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We can hear you groaning from here! Yes, no one likes to completely turn off their technology, but it could do you some good. Getting away from screens is better for your mental health and connects you back with the real world. One way to make this easier for yourself is to plan non-technological activities in advance. Have a snowball fight planned or try baking something from a recipe book. The time will pass quicker than you thought possible! At Christmas time, try baking gingerbread or making your own Christmas decorations.

5 – Plan Your Work-Life Balance

If you are guilty of working too much or bringing work home with you, you’ll probably have tried to go cold turkey before. But more often than not, trying to ignore work that’s piling up will just cause anxiety.

So, our last tip to you is to plan. Plan what needs to be done for work. Plan the activities you want to do at home, away from technology. It’s all about finding a balance – our article with work-life balance tips will be a lifesaver!

Sarah Thawer, an International Touring Drummer, talks about Remitbee Online Money Transfer Service.

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