Back to School Traditions in Canada

Whether you’re an immigrant who’s just brought your family to Canada for the first school year, or you’re a new parent with a youngster who’s starting school for the first time, this is a great opportunity to start some traditions!

We asked around the Remitbee Online Money Transfer team to find out what traditions they had for the first day back to school in Canada.

Parent Prep Before School Starts

Back to School Traditions in Canada
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For most people, the back to school traditions are about preparing more than celebrating! Anyone with kids knows that life gets a bit hectic, especially when they’re off to school for the first time. So, we compiled a checklist that you can use to make sure you get the most from the experience!

  1. Find out what the school requires. Whether it’s an application to get on the school bus, a uniform or special textbook.
  2. Start getting the kids to bed earlier and waking them up earlier. That first early morning can be a bit of a shock after a summer of sleepy mornings!
  3. Plan the first day with your kids – make sure to ease their nerves and present school as an exciting adventure.
  4. Get in touch with your kid’s friends and their parents, so they can go to school together or prepare together. This is especially important if your kid is nervous about making friends.

The night before, make sure that they have their bag packed and clothes ready to put on. You don’t want a big rush in the mornings…

…Especially when they’re an opportunity to take lots of cute pictures! Standing in the living room ready to go to school, or waving from the school bus window, or even at the school gates. Make sure you take plenty of pictures for your family back in your origin country, who’ll undoubtedly love seeing them!

Once they’re safely in school, you can put your feet up. Celebrate with a coffee and pastry or, like us, finally get a chance to finish that laundry pile. Whatever you do, make sure you set an alarm for when to pick the kids up or meet them at the bus stop. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget on those first few days.

Spend a Mountain of Money!

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It’s almost an unspoken tradition. Sending the kids back to school can be costly, especially if your little ones are just starting school. If you are working, you might have to pay for the before & after school care. Books, pens and pencils, textbooks and more all add up the costs. Depending on the school you might need to buy a uniform too!

Then there’s transport that you need to think about, and of course you’ll need to start saving money for school trips.

It builds up. So, once that first day of school excitement (and nerves) is over, it’s time to start planning for your kid’s future. They grow up so fast.

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