The Best Remit to India Rates 2019

Struggling to work out what the best remit to India rate is? Or just confused at the different fee structures and time schedules?

Yep, us too. That’s why we put the Remitbee Online Money Transfer team on the case. We compared our top rates with 4 of the most popular transfer services online. In this article you can find out once and for all who has the best rate.

Comparing Some of the Most Popular Remit to India Rates in Canada

Let’s take a closer look at the facts. We went to each of the top international money transfer services in Canada to compare them. The exchange rate was taken today, 12th of March 2019, but will change every day. It still gives you a good idea of how the remit to India rates differ!

When you want to transfer $500 to India, this is what you’ll get…


Transfer Speed: usually a few minutes, at most a few hours

Fee: $0 when you use the MyWallet payment option

Exchange Rate: 1CAD = 51.9INR

Yep, we’re top of the list and we’re so proud! Our rates are incredibly fast and free for over $500. You can transfer money to over 170 different banks – see the full list of remit to India times.


Transfer Speed: typically, 1 working day

Fee: $2.99

Exchange Rate: 1CAD = 51.7INR

We’ll admit Remit2India’s fee is low. It’s definitely lower than the bank! But it’s not the lowest. You must send at least $50 and it usually takes 1 working day to reach your family in India. In some cases,it can take a few days.


Transfer Speed: 1 business day

Fee: $9.58

Exchange Rate: 1CAD = 51.9INR

Yep, that exchange rate is pretty good. It matches Remitbee. But look at the size of that fee! Nice try TransferWise, but even with a killer exchange rate your fees are just not competitive and that transfer speed is average at best.


Transfer Speed: economy is 3 to 5 business days, or pay for express (4 hours)

Fee: free on economy, varying fees for express

Exchange Rate: 1CAD = 51.9INR

Well this is a bit cheeky! Express payments are a great feature, allowing you to transfer money in as little as 4 hours to India… but for existing customers that does add extra fees, even over $500. At Remitbee, we like to keep things simple with just one easy to read fee schedule.

Western Union

Transfer Speed: 1 business day

Fee: $12

Exchange Rate: 1CAD = 51.5INR

To transfer money to India online with Western Union, sending the $500 directly to your recipient’s bank account, you face a fee of $12, the highest on our list. With Western Union, you can also send money by visiting the bank in person – but does anyone have time for that anymore?

So, those were the top 5 remit to India services we found just by searching in Google. The rates and fees are noticeably different! That’s why we always encourage people who want to send money back to their origin country to do their research. We’re confident that when you look at the numbers, Remitbee will come out on top.

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