Celebrate Multicultural Indian, Sri Lankan And Filipino Festivals in Ontario, Canada

2018 was another epic year for us at Remitbee Online Money Transfer and we sure will be celebrating through the various holidays and events in 2019 – so why not celebrate with us?

Here’s some of the best festivals going on in Ontario over the next 12 months!

Top Indian Festivals in Ontario


When: Tuesday 15th January to Friday 18th January

Where: Indian communities and Hindu temples. Discover the whereabouts of Hindu temples in Ontario, Canada here

The 4-day harvest festival is practically the Indian thanksgiving, to celebrate the rice, turmeric and other foods usually harvested in the month of Thai. There’s no harvest in Ontario, but there certainly are celebrations going on that you can take part in. Ask at your nearest Hindu temple or plan celebrations with your friends in the Indian community.

Deepavali / Diwali

When: Sunday 27th October to Thursday 31st October

Where: Niagara Falls, Celebration Square Mississauga, Temples in Toronto and many other cities across Canada

The most well-known and loved festival, the festival of light, is huge in Ontario! Starting on the 27th of October you can rejoice in new beginnings and celebrate the triumph of light with lamps, parties, fireworks and more.


When:  March 4th, Monday

Where: Indian communities and Hindu temples

Celebrate the ‘Great Night of Lord Shiva’ with devotion and religious fervor by observing day & night fast. Also, spend the day in the worship of Lord Shiva. Don’t forget to become part of live Pooja & Bhajan Kirtan organized in the Indian temples.

Ramadhan & Eid-ul-Fitr

When: Monday 6th May until Eid ul Fitr on Wednesday 5th June

Where: Mosques or Islamic centers in Toronto and many other cities across Canada. Discover the whereabouts of mosques and Islamic centers in Ontario, Canada here

Celebrate Ramadhan by fasting from Monday 6th May to Eid-ul-Fitr on Wednesday 5th June 2019. Remember the dates are based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon.

Celebrate generosity and hospitality by going to praying sessions held in big-city mosques or Islamic centers, convention halls or sports arenas on the 5th of June. You can also donate money or contribute to local food banks to show your generosity. And don’t forget to decorate your home and plan a sumptuous meal for your family and friends!

Eid ul Azha

When: Monday 12th August (dependent on moon sightings)

Where: Mosques or Islamic centers in Toronto and many other cities across Canada

You can perform Eid prayer in large congregations held in open fields, mosques and Islamic centers across Canada. During this time of forgiveness and compassion you may want to follow tradition with a sacrifice, but remember you must only sacrifice animals in designated and permitted areas.

You can also donate food to charitable purposes, or simply visit friends and family to exchange gifts and donate to the poor together.

Top Sri Lankan Festivals in Ontario


When: Tuesday 15th January to Friday 18th January

Where: Sri Lankan communities and Buddhist temples across Ontario. Discover the whereabouts of Buddhist temples in Ontario, Canada here

Celebrate the harvest festival over 4 days in Ontario by enjoying that traditional sweetened rice and lentil dish at home, at street vendors or by taking part in events with your community at the nearest Buddhist temple. Make sure you get involved in the first 2 days of the festival in particular, as this is when the Sri Lankan community will be celebrating most.

Sinhala Festival

When: Sunday 14th April

Where: Tamil and Sri Lankan communities (primarily East Toronto)

Happy new year! Once your house is cleaned out, as is tradition, there’s bound to be street parties (be careful with any firecrackers) and celebrations throughout the Tamil and Sinhala communities. Why not use Remitbee for the first business transaction of the new year? You can send money online back to Sri Lanka via our app or online.

Vesak Poya (Festival of Lights)

When: Saturday 18th May

Where: All Buddhist communities and temples

The most important Poya is not a day to miss out on celebrations! Visit the Buddhist temples in Ontario to celebrate the festival of lights, pay homage to Buddha and decorate the temple with flowers as a community.

Poson Poya

When: Sunday 16th June

Where: All Buddhist communities and temples

Even if you can’t get back to Mihintale, you can still celebrate in Ontario at your nearest Buddhist temple. Or, stay at home with beautiful lanterns and decorations to celebrate the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and the sanctity of all living creatures with your family.

Esala Poya (Festival of the Tooth)

When: Tuesday 16th July

Where: All Buddhist communities and temples

Instead of travelling to Kandy for the phenomenal Kandy Esala Pya Perahera parade, you can enjoy Esala Poya day in Ontario by visiting your nearest Buddhist Temple. We hope you have a joyous Esala Poya day, finishing with a memorable water-cutting ceremony and kap-planting.

Top Philippines Festivals in Ontario

Taste of Manila Festival

When: Saturday 17th August and Sunday 18th August

Where: Little Manila, Bathurst Street

The biggest Filipino festival outside of the Philippines! This Philippines festival in Ontario is a fusion of Filipino cuisine, culture, hospitality and entertainment. Celebrate your culture at this free-to-attend festival that PM Justin Trudeau has visited in the past.

Other Festivals Celebrated by Communities Across Canada


When: Monday 14th October

Where: your home!

This traditional festival is actually held in your own home. You can use this annual Canadian holiday to spend time with your family, celebrate the harvest and let your loved ones know how grateful you are (over a delicious Turkey dinner). Banks and many businesses will be closed on this day, but you may still be able to find religious practices to celebrate Thanksgiving at your nearest church.


When: Wednesday 25th December

Where: Across Toronto… and around the world!

Christmas in Toronto and across Canada starts from early December and lasts until the New Year. During this time, you can enjoy ice skating on the Natrel Rink on the shores of Lake Ontario (for free), shopping for presents, or the Niagara Winter Festival of Lights.

And on Christmas day, you can share presents and spend quality time with your family and friends.

New Year Celebrations

When: Tuesday 31st December 2019 to Wednesday 1st January 2020

Where: Ontario Place and across Toronto

Enjoy a huge display of bright fireworks on New Years eve as you count down to the new year. Usually held at Ontario Place, you can countdown with friends and family… and the whole city. Plenty of restaurants and bars are also open late on New Years eve – just remember to book any restaurants in advance!

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