How Newcomers Can Prepare to Enjoy Their First Snow Season in Canada

One of the things you NEVER forget when you first come to Canada is your first snow! Here at Remitbee Online Money Transfer, that first snow of the winter is always super exciting.

But it can be a little daunting too, especially when you realise just how cold snowy weather really is.

So, we’ve created a little article to help you make the most of your first snow season in Canada as a newcomer. Learn how to prepare so all you need to do when the flakes fall is have fun!

Snow in Canada – What to Expect

You can expect quite a lot of snow in Canada every year – no exceptions! The snow season in Toronto usually runs from November to March, but sometimes it can happen early or late. But it will never take you by surprise – weather forecasts are very accurate and if you’re living in an urban area, the streets will be kept as clear as possible and your community will know what to do. There’s no reason to panic!

Expect it to be super cold. The average January minimum temperature is -7°C in Toronto… and it can feel as cold as -30°C. That’s during the day!

You can also expect traffic to be slower and sometimes blocked if there’s very heavy snowfall. But it’s not something to worry about. Companies and businesses in Toronto experience snow every year and will have a protocol for you to follow if the snow is too much and you can’t get into work on time.

7 Things You Should Do in Advance

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Snow weather can be brutal – unless you prepare for it. Just follow these 7 steps and you’ll be able to enjoy the snow without any worries.

  1. Get the right snow gear, including waterproof insulating coats, boots, mittens and hats. Use the image above for a guide on how many layers you should be wearing.
  2. Check that elderly and vulnerable people in your home have somewhere warm and plenty of supplies.
  3. Get your vehicle ready for snow with tyre chains and get the shovels you need to dig out your driveway.
  4. Set up weather alerts on your phone and check with your employer what to do if the snow gets bad.
  5. Remember to pack a water bottle. You might not feel it, but dehydration accelerates when the weather is cold. It’s why your lips and skin start to feel dry in the winter.
  6. Don’t expose your skin in extreme temperatures. Even if you just want to make a snowball with your bare hands, don’t. Frost bite can happen when your skin is exposed to the freezing cold. A very unpleasant and potentially dangerous condition.
  7. Teach your kids not to touch yellow snow!

5 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow!

Cold weather in Canada can be super fun. Niketa can’t stop smiling in her YouTube video!

  1. Go ice-skating! Yes, you’ll fall over a lot but that’s part of the fun.
  2. Shuffle through the snow for a hot chai at Tim Hortons – it’s 10x more satisfying when it’s freezing cold outside.
  3. Make a snowman – don’t forget the carrot nose.
  4. Have a snowball fight with your neighbours or at the park! Have some warm clothes waiting for you at home in case you get soaked by melted snow.
  5. Visit the Toronto Christmas market. It’s so beautiful in the snow but remember to put your gloves back on quickly after you’ve taken pictures.

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