Maksym’s Story – The Real Heroes: Immigrants in Canada

Welcome to another #BeAHero series, where we’ll be sharing inspirational stories from all kinds of communities of immigrants in Canada. Maksym V. immigrated to Canada from Ukraine in 2017 and now works for the Remitbee Online Money Transfer team.

We had an interesting chat with Maksym and got to hear about his amazing experiences of becoming an immigrant and settling into life in Canada. He is a hero for building a life from scratch in Canada. 

After migrating to Canada from Ukraine in 2017, Maksym discovered the unexplored world of web development. After getting his local education, Maksym proudly joined Remitbee’s technology team in Toronto.

Here is what he shared with us.

Tell Us About Your Journey from Studies to Employment at Remitbee Online Money Transfer Company

After completing my studies, I was looking for a transforming environment. Remitbee was my obvious choice! Most of the companies that I explored were doing website development or marketing, but Remitbee was offering a disruptive online money transfer service. I felt that this company has a great idea behind it, and this idea was very close to me as an immigrant in Canada. I joined Remitbee’s team with great confidence as we are providing a trusted online money transfer service, which makes the lives of immigrants in Canada and their families abroad better and easier.

What Message Would You Like to Give to Newcomers in Canada?

For all the newcomers to Canada, my advice is straight and simple – take yourself out of your comfort zone. You came here to change your life and make all your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, learn as much as possible about Canada, improve your English, and explore all new opportunities that life gives you.

If you need help settling into Canada financially and reconnecting with your family back home, read our article about Managing Finances and sign up to Remitbee to send money back home.

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