What is the Best Way to Send Money to Canada from India?

At Remitbee Online Money Transfer, not a day goes past when we don’t think about our families back in our origin countries, whether it’s India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines or further afield. Helping fellow immigrants remit money to their families is pure pleasure!

But, when it comes to your family trying to send money to Canada from India, we sadly can’t help. Remitbee currently only works one way, Canada -> India.

So, here are some tips you can pass on to your family about remittance, so they know how to send money online in India back to you!

Are There Services Like Remitbee in India?

Well, yes there are remittance services like Remitbee that can send money from India to Canada (online) but not all will have the same great rates!

In fact, many will have a limit on the number of transfers you can make for free, or a limit on the amount you can send before you need to start paying for the service. One way to get around this is to use multiple email accounts, resigning up to the service when you reach the limit.

You also need to keep an eye on the exchange rates. A good thing to do is Google “India to Canada exchange rate” so you can see what the actual exchange rate is. Compare this to what the remittance services are offering to tell if they are good or not.

You might also find that you can pay high fees and your money will be sent fast… or you can remit for very small fees, but your money takes a long time to arrive. Think about the priorities here.

If you have the time, it can sometimes be worth waiting for the exchange rate to improve. Although it’s not necessary, it can save you some money if you keep an eye on the news to predict when the exchange rate will be more favorable.

Online Remittance Dos and Don’ts

Once you know how to send money online in India, you’ve got the tricky task of finding a reliable remittance service.


  • Search for the best India transfer rate.
  • Read TrustPilot reviews and social media reviews of the company.
  • Read the small print to check for extra fees and clauses.


  • Just take a company’s word for their awards – do your research!
  • Send money through services that don’t have a money guarantee, secure or encrypted money transfers.
  • Send money via cheques or cash in the post.
  • Use a service that family/friends recommend without doing your own research.
  • Be drawn in by cheap “limited time only” offers if there are large hidden fees – these can work out more expensive or be a sign of a scam.

Let your family in Canada know that you’re sending money so they can confirm when it has arrived. Some remittance services can take weeks, so find out a timeline if you can.

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