Why Remittance is The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

We remember the first time we spent a special occasion in Canada away from our family. Whether it was a birthday or festival, we couldn’t help but feel a little left out. Sometimes it can take a while to get settled with the community and create new friends to celebrate with here!

Luckily, sending a gift back home to your loved ones and keeping up family traditions is simpler than you think. Here are our top 5 reasons why every immigrant in Canada should send remittance gifts.

They Can Buy Exactly What They Want!

Living in Canada is awesome and it gives us access to all kinds of Canadian brands that we love, from Tim Hortons to fresh, pure maple syrup. But it does cut our access to those favorite brands we grew up with back home. Maybe it’s your tradition to get those fresh gulab jamun from the street stall just down the road, for example.

A remittance allows you to keep up tradition and pay for the gifts and treats you know your family will be having!

Pssst. Sometimes our parents don’t let on when they’re having a tough time financially. Sending a remittance ensures they can meet their needs in case they’re too proud to ask for help.

This Present ALWAYS Arrives on Time

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The problem with sending items in the post, whether it’s just a card or a full-blown parcel stuffed with gifts, is that they get lost, delayed and damaged.

Postal services back home and in Canada are always delayed around festival and holiday periods – the exact times when you want to send gifts to your loved ones. You either need to keep your fingers crossed or send it months in advance to make sure it’s there in time.

Or you could send money with just a few taps on your phone. We know what we’d prefer!

Yes! Finally, No More Wrapping Presents

Wrapping presents, finding a pair of scissors in your house (doesn’t it always take forever) and then trying to work out the best way to send your gift, is a nightmare.

Sending remittance back home is easier for you, but it’s just as thoughtful. Sending the money you work so hard for is a big gesture and one that your family will truly appreciate – even though it doesn’t arrive with a bow on top.

It’s OK If You Leave It to The Last Minute

As Sarah Thawer (our favorite Toronto-based drummer) knows, sending money with Remitbee is super-fast. Most transaction times are just a few hours, so it’s ok if you leave it right to the last minute! There’s no more rushing to the shops early in the morning because you forgot a present for a birthday or anniversary.

Some countries, like India, will receive your money in just a matter of moments. Other countries can take up to 1 day.

When an emergency strikes, it’s good to know your money can make a difference – whether it gives your family the financial aid to get help… or just buys a hot cup of tea to soothe their troubles. When you can’t be there in person, your remittance can help your parents be financially independent and make the decisions they need to in the moment.

Send as Much or As Little as You Want

With Remitbee Online Money Transfer, you can send as much or as little as you want to your family, wherever they are. We like to send a large sum at the end of every month, topping it up with a little extra as a gift! That way we can make use of Remitbee’s FREE transfers when you send over $500 via the My Wallet payment option.

Our parents worked so hard to bring us up and get us to where we are now. Giving back should be easy, fast and leave you feeling good!

Picking up the money or getting it deposited straight into the right bank account is easy too. Find out more about how Remitbee makes sending money back to your family so much better!

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